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Room Thermostat advances


Room thermostats have advanced for some time now and as we catch up to the technology, the technology is advancing even further, connecting to your wireless broadband. Where we are now.

We have thermostats that now work with our phones so we can operate our thermostats from our phones. With this new apps have been developed to work with our phones and hence our heating systems, with a platform called If This Then That  (IFTTT) - Which uses applets - such as weather applet when the the weather reaches a certain low temperature for your area using local weather reporting and this will bring on your thermostat and hence your heating. (So no need for Weather compensation sensors)

GeoFencing (using IFTTT) - Geo-Fencing is where your phones location and mapping app is used to operate your room thermostat when you’ve reached a distance to or from your home. You can even use it for the last person to leave your home will switch off the heating.

OpenTherm - Simply where as a basic roomstat would switch on and off your heating, OpenTherm switches it on and off but also manages how it is heated by managing  how much heat is applied, therefore increasing the boiler efficiency and gas usage.

Room Thermostats and wireless TRV’s - Wireless TRV’s communicate with a RoomStat which then communicates with the boiler, increasing how many zone (rooms) give information back to the roomstat. This can also include opentherm operation of your boiler.

All these advances are helping us improve our savings.